Our Activities

Our main mission is to prepare unique and exclusive investment opportunities for our clients. In doing so, we cooperate with exceptional Slovak entrepreneurs and we guarantee not only maximum professionalism, but also an individual approach and care for each client.

  • Mezzanine Financing
  • Project Funding
  • Bonds/Notes Schemes
  • Private Equity
  • Alternative Investments

Family Office

We will take care of the management of your property, including real estate, companies and family finances. We cover taxes, as well as the law; we advise when it is best to sell and when to establish a company, when it is profitable to invest in gold and when to enter lesser-known, promising markets. We are always on the trail of interesting opportunities, even those to which the client would not have access without our contacts. We will mediate them and negotiate the best conditions. If Plan A doesn't work out, we keep in mind the fact that there are dozens of other letters in the alphabet. We will assist an insolvent client in searching for an investor and find the most convenient way to successfully navigate them away from heavy clouds to safer financial waters. We cooperate with renowned asset managers and selected financial institutions and groups in Slovakia and abroad.

Financial Concierge

We ensure complete leisure management. A useful concierge combines the skills of a family “chamberlain”, a personal assistant, an event manager and a finance expert. Our task is to open doors to which the client does not have a key. Non-standard requirements are our usual standard. In Oman, we arranged a transfer by Bentley and lunch on a yacht at short notice. We have managed to get scarce fashion products, arrange a meeting with a world-famous singer and participate in the filming of a popular series. We do not promise you the Earth, but we can get many other unavailable things and services for you.

Private Club

Many people have no idea how private financial services work. Why? Well, because they are private. We rely on discretion and a highly above-standard approach. Our clients automatically become part of a private club, where they can expect maximum personalised care. We are on first name terms with the majority of them. Not because of disrespect, but due to a long-term relationship of trust.

Our offices are furnished so that the client feels comfortable, homely and up to scratch. However, if the client prefers negotiating business in an informal environment during rum trips, cigar evenings or work-outs at a fitness centre, we will be there for him. We know that time is precious, but we never save it when having meetings with clients.