Invest with a vision of success

In the current situation, investments require vision, foresight, experience, contacts and a human approach more than ever.
All this is guaranteed by Fundraise Capital.


Our differences create ideal team dynamics.

We are not conventional private bankers, even though we come from such environment. Our strongest asset is our professionalism secured by team strength. We started as colleagues and friends, today we are partners of a well-established company, surrounded by people with the same values. Talent attracts talent and – in our case – also lucrative financial challenges.

Our Values

We accompany our clients to their taxi after having some drinks, not the other way around.

Patience, persistence, tenacity, credibility, discipline, healthy self-confidence and brisk thinking based on intuition and analytical thinking. This is the basis that guides us in life, as well as in business.

Our Activities

What we say is true. No compromises. Compliance with gentlemen's agreements is sacred to us.

Many people have no idea how private financial services work. Why? Well, because they are private.
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