Our differences create ideal team dynamics.

Juraj on Tomáš

„Tomáš is very empathetic. He knows how to deal with clients. It does not matter if they are seventy or fifteen years old. He is always able to approach them and agree with them at the right time. In addition, he is an expert in the field of economics and taxes. He is eloquent, has communication skills and business sense. He has no problem getting up at five in the morning and going to do business while assisting in a client's hunting on the other side of Slovakia. He is a big hedonist. He can really enjoy everything that has been produced. And that is certainly good. As a family-based person, he doesn't lean towards workaholism, but he never looks at his watch during a client meeting.“

Tomáš on Juraj

„I admire Juraj's drive. With the people in our business, it's often a lot of flashy words and no deeds. He is the opposite. He brings a great dedication for work and excellent business skills to the team. His contact database is endless, thanks to which he always knows who to turn to when he needs to arrange an unmatched financial deal or last minute tickets to the Champions League for the client. I couldn't run a business with someone I couldn’t get along with personally. I knew from the beginning that our combination would not just be about pure business, and it is this personal and professional symbiosis that keeps us moving forward.“

Juraj Krátky & Tomáš Marek, Partners of Fundraise Capital

Juraj Krátky & Tomáš Marek


First and foremost, Fundraise Capital is a team of quality people with rich experience and great expertise in the world of finance. Under the leadership of Juraj and Tomáš, the term "financial care" has a completely different context, perceived not only by clients, but also by business partners of Fundraise Capital.

The story of FRC started back when Juraj was sailing in the waters of private banking at Tatra banka or at J&T banka, where he met Tomáš. The mutual personal and professional symbiosis, as well as personal ambitions, naturally led to a common path, which culminated in the foundation of their company Fundraise Capital and the subsequent establishment of divisions, each with a different focus.

Today, two years since its founding, they are shaking hands with an ever increasing number of satisfied clients. And what are they actually doing for them? In principle everything that leads to improvement of the client's assets. Here, conventions really play a second role. Under the shelter of discretion and with a highly above-standard approach, they cover the comprehensive management of assets, including real estate, companies or family finances. Whether it's taxes, law or consultancy on investment in different markets.

Clients of Fundraise Capital automatically join a private club, where they can expect maximum personalised care. And I mean that literally. The financial concierge rendered by FRC is no fiction. This new "family member" will really take care of everything. From tickets to a prestigious sports event, through booking unusual adventures to ensuring maximum comfort, for example on holiday.

There no such thing as "impossible" with Fundraise Capital. Healthy self-confidence and drive, which the management somehow naturally transfers to the rest of the team, makes this young company different. Unmatched. The company’s current direction is an excellent prerequisite to constantly increase market share and meet the goal of being among the TOP players. Because, for the people of Fundraise Capital money is not the avarice of Mammon, but a driving force, a personal passion and a tool that leads to freedom. To freedom for clients, for whom it is not enough to merely possess and spend, but also to value and invest wisely.

Fundraise Capital, a division of FRC Investments, is a licensed company in the field of investment services intermediation pursuant to Act No. 186/2009 Coll. as an independent financial agent, based on NBS permission in the capital market sector.