Miroslav Hrnčár

Relationship Manager Senior
After successfully graduating from the Technical University, he went abroad, where he developed his business and management skills by participating in the development and management of an international company. While still abroad, he obtained a prestigious ICM degree in international trade. After returning to Slovakia in 2011, the world of finance fascinated him so much that he started to work for a securities trader, where he perfected his business sense. Subsequently, in 2013, he started as an investment specialist and a few months later as a private banker for Tatra banka, where he was responsible for managing investment portfolios in accordance with the expectations of his clients and for exclusive care of the bank's selected clients. In 2018, he moved from the banking sector to the private sector, where, as a senior investment banker, he helped to develop forms of collective investment in projects and start-ups, especially in the P2P segment.