Ján Hudec

Head of Sales
He jumped into the world of finance in 2005. After graduating from the Faculty of Economics and Management of the Slovak University of Agriculture, he found his footing as a personal banker at Tatra banka, where he later developed his career in the Private Banking department, gradually becoming a senior banker, professional banker and, finally, a team leader. These ten career years were interrupted by the desire to get to know the world of banking and finance also from another angle so, for two years, he worked as a financial director of a medical corporation, where he was responsible for the Slovak, Czech, Polish and Ukrainian markets. From 2018, his steps led to the field of international trade, where he, as the general director of the wholesale network, had an opportunity to look for new producers, suppliers and investors from all over the world. But, as they say: “old loves are never forgotten” and so he went back to what fulfils him the most and where he feels like a fish in water. Finance in the true sense of the word – there, he simply feels at home.